Pseudo-Science Collection

Bob Schadewalds personal library contained thousands of volumes advocating unorthodox ideas flat-Earth, hollow-Earth, geocentricity, creationism, Velikovskyism, perpetual motion, racism, antisemitism, anti-Catholicism, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, flying saucers, bizarre religions, and so forth. Bob also had countless offbeat periodicals and filing cabinets full of research materials, including the world's most extensive collection of flat-Earth literature (mostly microfilm and photocopies).

Bobs search for works advocating unorthodox science or scholarship took him to 20-odd major research libraries in America (the Library of Congress, New York Public, Boston Public, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, and such) and uncounted lesser libraries. Bob spent a month-long trip to England working at the British Library, Cambridge University library, the Bodleian (Oxford), and about a dozen others. He also had rare works photocopied or microfilmed at numerous U.S. and foreign libraries.

The Robert Schadewald Collection on Pseudo-Science consists of 885 books and pamphlets (many from the 19th century) from Bobs personal collection, as well as the material of over 70 file boxes of notes, newspaper clippings and articles of Bobs research. and it's contents are copyright 2009 Lois Schadewald.
Background and planet images courtesy of NASA.